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How to start Knitting – for SUPER beginners

My friend in college tried to teach me how to knit one might. There was one needle too many, something about pearls and yarn wrapping around all the things. I was out. Then came along Corona and my brain is desperate to learn something new or be challenged in some way so I started seeking out knitting videos.

Here’s my first project so far. It’s taken SO many tries to get here. So many unravellings, lost stitches, and rewinds on the YouTube videos I’ll post below but it’s now getting to be a relaxing thing I look forward to every night.

knitting swatch
Okay, it’s not the prettiest but you can see improvement as I go.

Grab these starter supplies

Take a look at theses super helpful videos to get started on your first project!

Beginner Knitting Tutorials

These 5 videos will get you on your way to knitting simple, yet satisfying projects in no time.

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