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Blood Orange Aperol Punch

Good day, fellow internet dwellers. Today I bring you a fresh, sweet, yet finishes a bit dry punch to sip on your patios. Pull up a glass and enjoy this Blood Orange Aperol Punch. Mmmkay. Isn’t this more of a spritz? Yes, no. Could be. “Punches” are supposed to be 3 – 5 ingredients, with …

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diy patio umbrella finished

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand

A big shoutout and thank you to my Dad for basically doing this whole project with me <3 If you have an outdoor area that is in need of some shade, you buy an umbrella, right? Right. Then you have to contemplate what is going to hold that bad boy upright and not take off …

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Basic Margarita

Ah, Summer. You are right around the corner…right? I call this the Basic Margarita because you can use this recipe as a base to expand on to different types of margs in the future. Some blood orange action is coming soon! Basic isn’t bad, basic is necessary and in this case, delicious. So, grab your …

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Blood Orange (Gin)ger Fizz

This is a perfect summer drink for a quiet night on the patio or it’s super easy to make a batch for a party. I ventured into making a Gin based drink because past Gin cocktails left my mouth feeling like an air freshener. It deserved another chance in my life. With splashes of sweet …

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