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April 2020. Compost, The Rona, YNAB

What is this life right now? It’s been a month+ of sheltering in place here in Minnesota. It feels like a week and yet a few months all at the same time. I don’t know if this type of post will be a common practice on my blog going forward, but hey – it’s MY blog. I do what I want. <3

Most blogs are these happy, aesthetically perfect resources whether it be for food, money or even painting rocks (which I am all for). A friend recently bought a “paint your own rock” kit, because Rona, and posted her first attempt at painting on a non-flat surface. It was like freaking living art.

I can’t even sign my name consistently, yet she had the skill to paint on a curved surface and not eff it up. Maybe it’s seclusion speaking, but it was pretty impressive stuff.

Rose's rock painting
Rose’s fabulous rock.

We all have talents and in this time of…time on our hands. I hope other people’s little corners of crazy talent come out.

This little area of the internet was always meant as a space to learn new things for me, try my hand and fail at others. Thanks for hanging out and having a cocktail, I appreciate it.

Your house will be so clean after quarantine, right?

Nah, it still won’t. It does however have a few new items that have helped me work towards the goal of less things and organization. Thanks Amazon delivery personnel!

A goal this year was composting more. I live in a rental and our landlord got us a city compost subscription. I see how thrifty and awesome my upstairs neighbors are with their waste – they hardly have any. Scraps are given to squirrels or critters and I think she uses the rest in cooking. I wanted to be like her, obvi, so I figured the first step would be to get a compost bin.

Favorite Products - April 2020

2020, the year of the budget

Many people hear budget and think of it as some nasty word, or feel instant guilt. I was one of those people. My parents tried to instill in me good money management growing up and like all things they told me to do, I would do the most opposite thing I could find. If I were a breed of dog, I’d be a Pug. StubbornAF with junk in the trunk and some snoring issues.

This year I really wanted to explore money as an adult, what it could do for me, how it makes me feel, how it runs the world. Grandiose, but I knew I needed a better budget organization technique than my trusty spreadsheet, which was basically a list and no formula’s to proceed into adulthood.

you need a budget software
photo credit:

YNAB is hard. Honestly, what type of software around money management isn’t? But there are so many resources, videos, workshops and customer service to get you through. I’m already seeing where I spend wayyyy too much (hey “sh*t I forgot to budget for” category) and other areas that I can give every dollar I have a job.

Enter in, YNAB, or You Need a Budget. It’s a Personal Budgeting Software that you’ll get a bit addicted to. I am at least.

Check it out, I’m literally getting nothing for recommending this tool. It’s free for 34 days, so you can really dive in for a whole month.

Blog wise – what have I done?

Not a whole lot – but more than I have in the past so I’m calling it a win. Honestly though, it’s been more about finding a groove for setting up pictures, trying out different flavor combinations and ratios along with finding natural light and working on my photography skills. I haven’t sprung for a “nice” camera yet. Just some iPhoneX work, but a coworker who is an amazing photographer gave me some tips/apps/resources to get some more basics down.

Also, I finally got a second post up: the Basic Margarita. This is a favorite of my bestie, Joel. The saltier the rim the happier he is. Next up on the agenda: a outdoor diy post, a blood orange margarita and a french gimlet that is my new favorite drink ever.

Books I’ve Read in April

I usually go through 5-8 books a month, most of them contemporary romance, memoirs or self-development type things. Since being home during Rona though, I haven’t felt a need to read as much. No idea why, but here are a few from the month that I did force myself to get through. I mean, I liked them…

April 2020 Books

Now that May has begun, we’re beginning to see a ray of hope that the world is getting better. We might have some restrictions lifted (I’m neutral on this – don’t come at me – just trying to listen to the smart people and experts on what to do and when).

This next month I really hope to meditate more, get a bike and take Fritz out to explore more. We’re working on her territorial issues – mostly of me and our yard. Joys. Hopefully by the end of the month I can get back to having a donut with some coworkers once a week in person with our doggos.