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How to Declutter Your Hall Closet

I really feel bad for my main hall closet. It’s actually really roomie, which is part of the problem. It becomes the catch-all for all of my clutter. The door is shoved shut with a prayer that the door latch stays functional. It needs all of the decluttering!

It’s like a woman designed my 1 bedroom apartment with how many closets I have (4!!) – considering it was built somewhere around the 50’s that’s highly doubtful.

Moving a few times in my adult life you would think that I would have paired down with items. It’s the opposite. That “first place, first paycheck” feeling where you wanted to buy everything to prove you could Adult but couldn’t really afford all of it is catching up with me.

Now in my 30’s, I want LESS of everything. Less clothes, less things, clean counters, tidy shelves. CLEAN CLOSETS. I want to know exactly what I have in my possession. If things aren’t of use to me, they get donated or sold.

yarn wreaths
These yarn wreaths that I never finished from 7 years ago are going to Goodwill.

Step 1 – Determine the closet’s actual use

There’s no point in decluttering a space if you don’t know what it will be used for exactly. Knowing how you want the space to look when you’re done, and the function you will get out of decluttering or organizing will give you a clear motive to see the project through.

Right now this closet is the following:

  • Etsy store storage
  • work out equipment dungeon
  • dog wardrobe storage
  • baking pans/molds that I haven’t used in 5+ years
  • Winter accessories
  • halloween costumes/props
  • original boxes for my work laptop, wifi camera, router, CPAP and travel CPAP
  • …annnnd TP, because the year 2020
junky closet
God, I’m a hot mess.

Step 2 – Take everything out of the closet. Everything.

Every little thing. This not only shows you just how much crap you Tetrus fit into the space but it gives you a chance to wipe off the shelves, knock down any spider webs (don’t judge me) and replace the lightbulb you forgot was even in there.

When taking things out, if you know that this is not going back into the closet because of this closet’s new purpose, move immediately to the area of your house/garage/storage that it will then live. Do not wait or that stuff will not move.

half empty closet
We’re getting there. Found a cocktail shaker!!

Step 3 – Take your quick wins

Eye up what you took out, are there items that you know right away need to go to the donation box, or something that’s clearly trash (hello yarn wreath I always said I would finish but never learned how to make felt flowers and won’t).

Chuck it, donate it, make a pile of things to list online to sell. Use that money to treat yo’self after your closet is slayed. While I’m not a fan to filling landfills, I have to admit to a few garbage bags, but SO much more going to Goodwill. I didn’t really have any bigger ticket items that I got rid of to sell.

Step 4 – Marie Kondo all your junk.

I use piles for things I would like to have in the same box or bin THEN I go to Target, the Container Store, wherever with a list of approximate sizes for what bins I need to buy and how many. Take pictures of your piles if you need reminders.

If you get all inspired in Target and buy the bins ahead of time, you’re thinking of how great those cute bins will look in your closet, not “I know these items are important to me, now what size/shaped container will work to store them efficiently.”

piles of things
Yarn, exercise equipment, Post It notes and small appliances. It screams I’m single in my 30’s.

Now let me tell you to do one thing and then do the complete opposite.

For this closet clean out, I’ll actually be using – or attempting to use – leftover containers my mom had and some I had. It’s not ideal, but I want to try to recycle as much as I can.

Step 5 – Play some Tetrus

Hopefully you were able to declutter your items, if that was your closet’s issue like it was mine. If not, just organizing and tidying up is fab!

NOW this closet is just the following:

  • Etsy store storage
  • blog supplies storage
  • dog wardrobe storage – a girl’s got needs
  • winter accessories
  • organized yarn storage
  • halloween costumes/props
  • k out equipment dungeon
  • baking pans/molds that I haven’t used in 5+ years
  • original boxes for my work laptop, wifi camera, router, CPAP and travel CPAP
  • …annnnd TP, because the year 2020 – Priorities
Clean closet!

I usually try to use containers that I can see thru so I know what the contents are – especially if it’s a bunch of smaller items. With this closet, it’s a bunch of larger items, and then I used the see-threw shoe organizer for the yarn I’m using right now.

labeled organizer

With solid material/color baskets or bins like these are, I label them. That way if I have a guest over, they don’t have to riffle through my belongings to find more toilet paper. Also, it makes me feel like I’m winning at life and who doesn’t love that? There’s a certain power you feel when you use a label maker.

I hope this gave you a few good nuggets of decluttering ideas!


Monday 31st of July 2023

Great job. I never thought to use a shoe holder to corral yarn skeins. The after is amazing!